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We’ll take you from custom design to product delivery in as little as a few days!

Whatever your machining application Valley Tool can help you manufacture the tool that is right for you. From end mills, chamfer mills, drills, form tools to slot cutters and more our team is ready. You’ll be working with an experienced team at Valley Tool, and we will work directly with you to manufacture the exact tool for your machining application. Our Tool Builder will help you with submitting exactly what you need. If you have something totally different, even if it’s on a napkin, we can help you custom design it for you. 


At Valley Tool, our expertise is designing and manufacturing the best possible cutting tools to meet or exceed your cutting requirements, enhance productivity and increase the product quality of your product.

Before beginning to design a tool, our engineers work in tandem with customers to understand exactly what the cutting tools will be required to do, but also what environment it will be used in and the specific material the tool will be cutting.

In additional to using the latest tool simulator production software, our experienced engineers bring a big picture perspective, independent judgment, and sound technical thinking to special per print tools.

Valley Tool has an extensive background, technical expertise and resources to engineer your tooling from a concept, hand sketch, CAD print to an actual piece part. If you company has a unique milling challenge, then we are the company to turn to.


Years of dedicated experience in developing creative solutions for our customers and our continued investment in state-of-the-art equipment ensures on-time delivery of our tooling and the flexibility to meet customer demand.

Valley Tool is dedicated to providing you with the custom tools when you need them. Most importantly, quality is not sacrificed as it is meticulously monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

Whether you need a tool the same day or next week, let us prove the respect we have gained in the industry to meet or exceed the demands of our customers.

The Right place

Whether it be one piece or a production run, innovative technologies allow us to cost effectively design and manufacture your tools.

We understand that by reducing downtime you are lowering your cost per unit.  That means the most cost-effective supplies need to be in stock and in the right place at the right time.  You are in the right place at Valley Tool. Our in-house, state-of-the-art technology and experience team make sure orders get processed as quickly as possible.  

Since we are a Full-Line Cutting Tool Distributor we can either manufacture your tool from a blank or modify a standard tool from one our many vendors to not only decrease tool cost, but to increase and enhance its function.

Learn why we are the solution of choice for a wide range of businesses, from the small shop down the block to some of the world’s most respected metal cutting companies.


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